Vtag -Personal Alarm & GPS Tracker for iPhone 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4, iPad, iPod & Any Bluetooth® Ver.4.0 Enabled Mobile Device

Vtag is a Anti Lost Device Wireless Keychain To Find My Keys, Car, Phone, Purse, Wallet, Dog, Cat, Wandering Child & More

How to locate your phone remotely?

You have lost your mobile phone? You’re afraid to be done you stole your Smartphone? Do not worry, it is now possible to know where he is. With ever smaller mobile phones and Smartphones relatively expensive, the issue of his mobile phone geolocation is now more urgent. Besides the number of concerned parents to the idea of ​​not knowing where their child …

Locate her cell phone, it is possible!

Many mobile phone manufacturers have understood this concern and have put in place a system that allows their customers to locate their mobile phones wherever they are. With this system, you can know where your cell phone: If you just lost, you can find and you will avoid making unnecessary steps such as calling your phone company to block the SIM card and wait to receive another.

Applications to locate her cell phone

With the development of smartphones like the iPhone, Blackberry or Samsung Galaxy, losing his cell phone (and all the data it contains photos, videos, music) has become the obsession of many users. Today need to be more James Bond in order to locate her cell phone away.

Indeed, the iPhone (as well as iPad, iPod Touch and Mac) can be equipped with the free application “Find My iPhone” to locate your phone (if on) from any other device with the Apple iOS operating system. You even have the option to protect your data remotely and receive e-mail with its location when the device connects lost.

For Samsung mobile phones, there is the Samsung Dive which also allows you to remotely lock your data on your mobile phone application.

For Blackberry Smartphones, several applications exist, such as Berrylocator or SendAFix.

For mobile phones in Android , you can download apps like Prey, Sim Checker or Cirrus Manager.

And if you have a Windows Smartphone, Mobile Spy is for you.

For concerned parents, Mapmymobile is particularly useful. This application allows you to locate the cell phone of your child but you can also receive an SMS or email when your child enters or leaves the areas that you previously defined. This application works on all mobile phones running Android or Blackberry smartphones. Hopefully this does not give bad ideas to husbands (or women) too jealous!



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